Meet TLC Relocation.

We are passionate about helping people create spaces where they can live their best possible lives. Whether you’re relocating or simply want some help with reorganizing or decluttering your current home, we can help.  We are experts in all aspects of the moving process, and we specialize in helping seniors and their families feel safe, prepared and knowledgeable when they move to smaller homes and in particular senior living facilities.  Or even if they’re staying in the same home, but need to make it safer — with more open spaces, and cleaner, clearer, more manageable areas.

Moving can be overwhelming!  Simplifying is hard, physically and emotionally. Even more so when you’re sifting through a lifetime of memories and “stuff.”  You know how it feels to walk into an uncluttered room — you feel lighter, more capable, ready to solve whatever problems may come at you.

So let us help you:

  • Move  TLC offers a full spectrum of moving services, from packing up belongings, to hiring and coordinating movers, to unpacking and setting up at the new home (including making beds, organizing the kitchen, hanging pictures, etc.).  We offer a complimentary consultation, provide customized plans for your individuals needs, and we don’t even charge mark-up on outside vendors.
  • Declutter  TLC is known for helping clients sort and sift through ‘stuff’ with mindful, compassionate guidance.  We know the power of shedding the emotional and energetic burden of maintaining things that no longer serve us. (more)
  • Understand Your Choices  With our wealth of experience in moving households and relocating seniors, we’ve learned a thing or two.  We can offer a menu of individualized consulting services dedicated to any kind of move, but we are especially invested in helping families who must make challenging, overwhelming decisions under stressful circumstances. (more)
  • Breathe easier  At TLC, our greatest hope is that no matter what you’re facing in the complicated world of moving and relocating, we can help. We’ve developed a rock-solid reputation for being honorable and trustworthy, but more than that, you can depend on us to go above and beyond in whatever task you’ve asked us to help you with.  (more)

See our Services Page for more information on what we have to offer.

Why TLC?

We truly put our clients first, but don’t take our word for it.  Check out our testimonial page.  Also, learn more about TLC and our founder Kathy Rounds, and how she became passionate about helping people move, downsize and declutter, and why helping seniors and their families is so important to her.  We think you’ll find that TLC is as much about advocacy as it is about “the job.”  At least we hope so!