At TLC, we think of our services as integrative and all-in-one, so it’s hard to try to delineate them.  If you need help moving, organizing or decluttering, we can help.  But that encompasses a lot of options, so we’ve tried to break it down a little here.  Remember, as part of any job, we include a free consultation.  So you can take advantage of as little or as much as you’d like of each small piece of the big picture.

Moving services:

  • Packing – We’ll help you pack, procure the boxes and supplies, wrap your treasured items in packing material, and keep track of what’s in each box.  And while we’re packing, or helping you pack, we’ll help you figure out what to do with all the things you won’t be taking with you – whether you’re tossing it, preparing for a garage sale, or giving it away to a charity.
  • Moving – We’ll coordinate the movers, supervise on Moving Day and, if you want, take care of the unpacking, too.  Moving is one of the most stressful things a family can experience. We’re experts at making the process smoother and easier to navigate.

    Imagine walking into your unpacked bedroom and sliding into bed. On moving day!
    Welcome home!

  • Unpacking & Set Up – We love this part!  We start moving you in as soon as the first box comes off the van.  Since we’ve packed all your food carefully, we restock your refrigerator and freezer lickity split.  We put away kitchen items, stock your pantry and organize your drawers and cabinets; we arrange furniture in each room, hang your treasured pictures and wall decor, organize your clothes and your closets and even make your bed.  We bring the same sense of style and organization skills to your new home that we bring to staging properties for sale.  Then we clean up the boxes, packing materials and other detritus and clear the way for you to feel right at home in your fresh, clean, organized new space.  Breathe easy, feel light.

Welcome home!

“Stuff Management”

  • Downsizing – Whether you’re actually moving to a smaller home, or you’re just ready to decrease the amount of material things you own, we bring a little TLC to a process that can be stressful and overwhelming. Ready to live more simply? We can help.
  • Decluttering – Managing things can be exhausting, and letting go of them can open up space and energy in your life and in your home.  We know what ‘stuff’ can mean to us, but we also know how powerful it can be to shed physical and emotional layers of baggage.  We find it very gratifying to help clients hold on to things they love and need, while releasing things that can block their best lives.  Ready to explore what uncluttered spaces feel like?  Let us help.
  • Staging – This term has become popular in the last few years as realtors embraced the concept in prepping homes for sale.  Yes, we can help you create more inviting, open spaces – but why wait to put your home on the market before making your home as beautiful as possible?  Why not give yourself the gift of space, light and decor? Now is the perfect time to ensure that your home is in its best possible state.  Let us take a tour of your home with experienced eyes.  We can recommend repairs and offer suggestions for ways to freshen up what’s already there.

TLCbefore1      TLCafter1

A recent Before & After of a client’s living room.  What a difference!

Space Organization

  • moving2

    Your style, your haven.

    Design – We’re experts at helping you figure out what you love, and spotlighting treasured furniture and possessions in the decoration and personality of your home.  We can tailor our expertise to your needs, whether it’s helping you choose the best pieces for the spaces you have, or it’s working with you to understand what you love best, and how to organize your spaces to showcase these preferences.

  • Space personalization – It’s your life, your home, your space and your stuff.  A little thought, a little planning, and a little organization can make a world of difference in how you live where you are.  Hobbies, entertaining, lighting, furniture – all of these affect the home you create.  Let us help you consider the best choices for your best life.
  • Creating perfect living spaces – Where you spend your time should reflect who you are, and should offer a sense of haven.  We can show you how and help you get there.