Meet Kathy

Kathy Rounds is the owner of Trusted reLocation Consultants, or TLC,  a full-service moving and organization company which she founded over twelve years ago after discovering a real need in Madison for honest, caring guidance in this growing field.

KR26TLC helps people who need to either downsize/declutter and reorganize their current space, or who are transitioning to a new home/space.   For those relocating, TLC offers a full spectrum of moving services, from packing up belongings, to hiring and coordinating movers, to unpacking and setting up at the new home (including making beds, organizing the kitchen, arranging furniture, hanging pictures, etc.).

Kathy is passionate about smoothing these complicated processes, and has discovered a particular affinity for helping seniors move into new lifestyles, sorting through lifetimes worth of ‘stuff.’  Whether it’s simply creating a safer, less cluttered environment, or helping clients navigate major moves into smaller spaces, Kathy offers mindful, compassionate, trustworthy help through journeys that can be overwhelming, stressful and emotionally difficult.  She understands this first-hand after moving her own parents 4 times in five years, downsizing a bit more with each one.

After 35+ years in office management and organization, Kathy retired in 2004, in part to care for her elderly parents.  Perceiving the knowledge and experience she’d gleaned from her parents’ moves and experiences could help fill a void, she and a friend started the company now known as TLC.   She loves that her company offers her the opportunity to meet many wonderful people who open their homes to her.   Hearing their life stories, and hopefully, bringing them some friendship, fun and peace as they move into new phases of their lives is a special joy.

Kathy is careful to hire people and work with vendors who take the same care and provide the same high level of service that she’s provided since she started TLC.

How We Do It

It all starts with listening.  No matter how big or small the job, we know that any kind of move or  decluttering agenda starts in one very important place – your home.  With your stuff.  We understand.  We know there’s an emotional component to the work we do, and we like to think that one of our greatest strengths is the compassion and guidance we bring to helping you navigate what to do with a material collection of a lifetime – whether you want to minimize it, or you have to.

Our first step working with you is to provide a complimentary consultation in your home.  We’ll discuss what you’re hoping for and analyze your unique situation.  Next, we’ll offer advice and solutions in a customized plan, designed with a tailored combination of recommended services and keeping your budget in mind.

We’re experts at sorting, organizing, evaluating, and disposing of stuff.  But what we’re really good at is helping you feel good about the choices you make when you decide the time has come to move – either to a new home, or through a lifetime worth of belongings.  We specialize in helping seniors.  We take pride in our years of experience, and our ability to work with families who may be facing difficult situations under emotional pressure.

Let us help you.

Why we do it

We believe that what we do is more than a job.  It’s a calling.

It’s not just about moving.  It’s not just about stuff.

It’s about quality of life and peace of mind.

We have skills, resources, and contacts that will make moving, decluttering, downsizing or reorganizing smoother.  Easier. More simple.

Whether it’s for you or for a family member, we know how life-changing having someone on your side can be.  We’ve been there.  We can help.  We want to help.  We consider it an honor.

So let us help you.