Understanding your choices

We’ve been instrumental in guiding dozens of families to make the best possible choices for their parents or grandparents when they must find long-term care under pressure.  We’ve been there, we know the questions to ask, the factors to take into consideration, and what resources are at your disposal.  We can help, and we are dedicated to helping clients feel like they’re armed with as much knowledge and guidance as anyone can hope for when they have to make tough choices.

“I was overwhelmed when faced with moving my 95-year-old friend into an assisted living facility, emptying her home and selling the property. TLC came to my rescue on all three problems. TLC, in addition to being good people who are sincerely interested in helping older folks with difficult transitions, knew just what was needed and how to get the job done. They were thorough and professional and accomplished it all quickly.”   Genevieve L., Madison, WI

“I didn’t even know where to start at my Dad’s house after he had to go into a nursing home. You (TLC) got me organized and helped me figure out what to do with everything. I feel like I’ve known you for years – you’ve become a friend!” Carol W., Cross Plains, WI

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