Decluttering is always the first step to a successful move, but why wait?  A clutter-free, organized space can be liberating, and might be the very thing you need to do in order to live the life you’ve dreamed of.  We can also help you stage your home in preparation for a sale. This is mostly decluttering and pre-packing in preparation for a move, but we are experts in making a space as organized, efficient and attractive as possible.  Who knows?  After we’ve finished, you may feel so good about your home, you may not even want to move!

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Has your storage closet become a nightmare? Find peace of mind.  An actual client’s Before & After.

We have a bundle of services designed to help you reorganize and refresh the space you have, or prepare for a move. Feeling overwhelmed or burdened by too little space or too much ‘stuff’?  Whether you’re moving elsewhere and need to pack it all up, or you’re staying right where you are but wouldn’t mind lightening your load, we’d love to help!

Here’s an overview of our “Stuff Management” services:

Downsizing – Whether you’re actually moving to a smaller home, or you’re just ready to decrease the amount of material things you own, we bring a little TLC to a process that can be stressful and overwhelming. Ready to live more simply? We can help.

Decluttering – Managing things can be exhausting, and letting go of them can open up space and energy in your life and in your home.  We know what ‘stuff’ can mean to us, but we also know how powerful it can be to shed physical and emotional layers of baggage.  We find it very gratifying to help clients hold on to things they love and need, while releasing things that can block their best lives.  Ready to explore what uncluttered spaces feel like?  Let us help.

Staging – This term has become popular in the last few years as realtors embraced the concept in prepping homes for sale.  Yes, we can help you create more inviting, open spaces – but why wait to put your home on the market before making your home as beautiful as possible?  Why not give yourself the gift of space, light and decor? Now is the perfect time to ensure that your home is in its best possible state.  Let us take a tour of your home with experienced eyes.  We can recommend repairs and offer suggestions for ways to freshen up what’s already there.


Clean, open, organized spaces can refresh your home.